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From plastics and printing to specialty coatings – with our innovative effect pigments. Make a big difference in the look and feel of many products. Unmistakable packaging makes for appealing product design and can improve security for countless everyday items.

Our high-performance effect pigments give plastics a unique appearance, adding value and appeal.

We come across plastics in packaging, household items, toys, electronics — almost all areas of our lives. Effect finishes emphasize product appeal with sophisticated visual and tactile properties.

Merck offers you the latest color effect solutions for a wide range of thermoplastic technologies. Discover all of them from cast resins to injection stretch blow molding. Fashinate your customers with the vivid and impressive 3D effects in plastics: Simple plastic parts come to life with rich, apparent depth, 3D contours, and shapes that boost perception in an instant.

Our effect pigments can help you make your plastic products more appealing and unique. But you can also coat glass, leather, metals to make them all irresistible.


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