Born in Tokyo. Graduated from Chiba University, She worked for Itoki Corporation in Tokyo and then moved on to her present activity. Kaori Akiyama heads STUDIO BYCOLOR. She is the recipient of numerous awards including German Design Award(German),DFA(Hong Kong),Good Design Award(Japan),Design Plus (Germany) and DIA Top100 (China). Exhibits her work in both domestic and international exhibitions such as Milan Furniture Fair. Kaori was in charge of planning the Material in Time exhibition held from 2018 at Hong Kong’s PMQ.

INHERENT:PATTERN is a personal project. She have been working on for about seven years, ever since her 2013 exhibition 'Experimental Creations' that focused on experiments in materials and the creation process. She process various hardwood using chemicals for a certain period of time to expose the beauty of the characteristic patterns possessed by each tree, and utilize them in products such as contemporary jewelry, architectural hardware, and time pieces. Her motivation for creation is a curiosity and spirit of inquiry that comes from pursuing the sense of comfort when designing products. She sense a certain charm in natural phenomena such as plants, animals, cracks, and foam produced by breaking waves, and use them as sources of inspiration.

Tokyo, JAPAN

Nation: Japan
Birth date: 20/09/1979
(41 years old)