Designers Scotto Mylene

Georges is the story of a curious recidivist. A creator who loves to touch material, all materials, from the softest to the roughest, to give birth to objects with an essential soul. A persevering soul, accompanied by a perennial dissatisfaction,she needs creativity as air to breathe.
Mylene is a discreet girl, she doesn't like to be in the spotlight, she prefers to hide behind Georges, a pseudonym that rather reflects the image of a big moustached gentleman.

The roots of this story are found in her childhood when, first in Paris and then in Hyeres, Mylene reveled in building furniture for miniature houses; Her grandmother and goldsmith grandfather passed on the art of doing things to her. Mylene knows how to sew, embroidered, knit and build objects.
Her parents move frequently and Mylene moves with her family 15 times across France between childhood and adolescence and each time with the desire to rebuild and rethink a new nest.

While other kids of her age studied dance or music, she learned to handle work tools. Mylene understands that with her hands she can build anything, that nothing is impossible. From that period, Mylene also retains a nomadic spirit and the need, in every place where she arrives, to create for herself and for her family, a welcoming place, that makes her feel at home, wherever she is.
At the birth of her first child, Mylene feels that she has to give voice to her creativity. He wants modular, lightweight, easy-to-carry creations. Of particular objects that give the possibility to reinvent their space endlessly. It's 2010 and Georges' adventure begins.
Georges is a place of freedom and experimentation, of delicacy and contrasts, imbued with shapes, colors, boundless spaces but also architecture and urban landscapes. A space where gestures are the protagonist, where irregularities and surprise are welcome. A space where you can try to highlight local resources and natural materials.
All the objects presented, after being conceived and studied by Mylene, are then created by the expert and poetic hands of the group of people who make up the team of Georges, in the atelier of Sauveterre de Bearn, in the southwest of France, between the Pyrenées and the Atlantic Ocean.


Chateau de Méritein

Route des Platanes

64190 Méritein

Nation: France