Designers Fulvio Morella

Fulvio Morella was born in Grosio in 1971 and since 1999 he has been creating works in wood with the lathe. Through years of untiring experimentation with the lathe, the artist has been committed to the creation of works that are more and more innovative for the purpose of dismantling not only the idea of lathing understood as a technique for the creation of objects of “rustic” design, but also for overcoming the boundary between design and art. The purpose of Fulvio Morella’s art is neither to furnish nor to appear. The purpose is to be something different, something unique.

Fulvio Morella grew up with wood. Since childhood he has learnt to love wood in his father’s joinery shop which produced mainly windows and doors. Today he works in the banking sector and he has decided to approach wood in a different way, as a material for aesthetic research more than functional research. At first sight his works are always objects of design with clear functionality (especially vases and plates) but on closer inspection the research, the finish and the prestige of the materials transform his creations into works that go beyond design and day to day utility.

Geometric shapes, curves without excesses and frills are the hallmarks of his visual research. Every day the artist shows more and more that he knows how to bring together the essentiality of the form, innovative study and interpretation of wood. Nothing is by chance and the perfect tension and cleanliness of the shape are constant. In order to follow this ambition, the artist has undertaken years of research, not only in the material but also in the tools. For Fulvio Morella the study and creation first of all of work tools worthy of the objective is fundamental. Hence the need to conceive, design and often personally create a large part of the equipment used. An old slab lathe was adapted mechanically for woodturning and many new accessories were designed and finally made by the artist.

Among the latest artistic projects we can mantion "Square the Circle" inspired by the square of the circle of Leonardo da Vinci and Deep Oval, the unpublished project presented on the occasion of the 1st edition of the Digital Fuori Salone. Both projects were have the patronage of the non-profit organization CRAMUM.

Tovo di Sant'Agata (SO)

Nation: Italy
Birth date: 15/05/1971
(50 years old)