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Bsinergy is a design brand offering innovative technology and custom-made solutions in the world of Design and Furnishing Supplies, creating new ideas for both products and projects, while being always connected to both worlds. It is able to cater to the most special needs of custom-made projects, and at the same time, it is able to create collections of original designer products, created and produced within existing production chain that makes part of the varied world of Bsinergy under its umbrella.

The ALL+ Collection comes with a renewed catalogue, which will include the highlights, in some cases subjected to restyling, accompanied by important product news. All united by the two elements that create the essence of the brand since its inception: aluminium, with its advantage in terms of performance and environmental sustainability, and Bsinergy's design and production know-how.

Thanks to the experience and creativity of the designer Massimo Cavana, new products were born that best combine innovation and design.

Piazza Repubblica 1
20833 Giussano (MB)

+39 0362 355592
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