IWISHYOU it’s a state of mind that connects people who love to be amazed by beauty.
It is an atelier where our master artisans craft passionately the materials in order to bring them to life as objects designed to last over time.


IWISHYOU is a new concept conceived to amaze design lovers.
For this reason Artists and Designers have created exclusive collections, combined with 3 fragrances of excellence.
The components the objects are manufactured with make them precious. The perfume label and the cover of the box are enveloped with real plaster, stretched by hand and this technique is inspired by the ancient frescoes one.
IWISHYOU is an eco-friendly project developed to last in time: the home fragrances can be refilled or they can be used as vases or for other purposes and the cover of the box becomes a signed painting.
A perfect combination enhancing the excellence of Made in Italy.
Discover the collections created to make you live in a refined space, surrounded by the beauty of handcrafted artworks unique in the world. EXCLUSIVE PACKAGING

The packages make the experience more exciting.
Thanks to the supplied fixing system, the cover turns into a painting authenticated by the author with references to the name of the collection, the date of production and the biography.


Natural elements such as Carrara marble, gypsum, and roman travertine are the main characters in a mixture of materials with long Italian tradition. The result is a natural surface that evokes that of ancient frescoes, which are today the inspiration for artists and designers. These professionals have been chosen among the most renowned in the world to create exclusive collections, which are able to enhance the beauty of pieces of furniture that grant a refined identity to the spaces.


A gift branded IWISHYOU is a gesture which lives throughout time. Its symbol, the plumeria flower, is called “the eternal perfume” because it continues to bloom even if removed from the soil. With IWISHYOU people can express a sincere wish for a special person through art.
IWISHYOU is the most beautiful part of the being.

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