Brands Chelini Firenze srl

Chelini has been producing furnishing accessories, handcrafted only, since 1898 and has established itself in the landscape of the luxury furniture labelled “Made in Italy”.

The company was founded by the Chelini family in Florence, a city that has always been the cradle of a priceless art and beauty heritage. Its close connection to the world of art and antiques has allowed the emerging of great talents who, from generation to generation, have handed down their expertise and the most authentic techniques for producing collections that, from classical and eternal lines, evolve in style and meet modern design.

The production is carefully supervised in every phase and, depending on the specific type of manufacturing, is entrusted to capable artisans, of whom Chelini has developed the outstanding expertise.

Via delle Fonti, 10 - 50018 Scandicci FI

+39 055 756031
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