Brands Fima Carlo Frattini

The history of FIMA (i.e. Italian acronym of Fabbrica Italiana Miscelatori Accessori) goes hand in hand with that of bathroom furniture and interior design and it is based on three specific values summarizing its design philosophy#Green #Quality #Design. The Company - established in 1960 by Carlo Frattini – is dynamic, international and absolutely contemporary in nature which is expressed in innovative unique solutions in terms of design, quality and functionality, focusing on the environment and the environmental sustainability. On the basis of this approach, FIMA Carlo Frattini is progressing and it is always renewing, as proven by the very high level of the design and quality of the production, the continuing investments in research, the rapid national and international growth, the high professionalism of the corporate team.

Extraordinary awards are given to the design of FIMA Carlo Frattini:


·         Design Plus powered by ISH 2019 awarded to the wash basin mixer SO;

·         Selection for the publishing on the ADI Design Index 2018 assigned to the showerhead Moove;

·         Selection for the publishing on the ADI Design Index 2017 and Design Plus powered by ISH 2017 assigned to the showerhead Nu;

·         “Red Dot” at Red Dot Award: Product Design awarded in 2017 to the kitchen mixer Skinny.

·         Design Plus powered by ISH assigned in 2015 to the showerhead Cloud and in 2011 to Fluid and Sfera lines;

·         Honorable mention to the German Design Award 2016 to the showerhead Cloud;

·         Designer Kitchen & Bathrooms Awards 2015