Brands Studio F

STUDIO F is an atelier-laboratory founded in 2017 in Turin by two young entrepreneurs, Federico and Francesco, sharing the same passion for Italian design and know-how.


Today STUDIO F is a business reality with two souls: the lab and the atelier. What brings together and gives life to these different mind-sets is solid wood and its recovery. 

At the beginning of everything, there is a choice: taking care of the wood before it even crosses the doors of the company. The creative process is born out there, in the midst of nature, where trees live, grow, fall and someone has to deal with it.


STUDIO F is the place where hand-made manufacturing and craftsmanship are celebrated because they are still relevant and necessary. 

Where the attention to detail counts, but we want to go further. We get involved in each project, do research, think out of the box and get amazing results.


Via Giulio Natta 7/B Torino

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