Brands Ricardo do Espirito Santo Silva Foundation in collaboration with Passa Ao Futuro

The Ricardo do Espírito Santo Silva Foundation was founded in 1953 as the result of the donation of the Azurara Palace and a decorative arts museum collection by Ricardo do Espírito Santo Silva.

Its mission is the safeguarding, promotion, dissemination and transmission of the art of know-how in the decorative arts and related crafts, through workshops, education, conservation and restoration and the Museum.

The specialised and creative workmanship of their workshops forms part of the Portuguese century-old intangible heritage which is gradually disappearing but which the Foundation keeps alive and has been wisely transmitting over the years. Making FRESS a national reference.

The FRESS workshops are thus, on the one hand a real living museum, where masters and students ensure the continuity of traditional techniques and knowledge of raw materials. On the other hand it is a space for intergenerational apprenticeship that allows for a dialogue with artists and designers with a vision to a new and necessary approach to contemporaneity.

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