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Begun as an artisan business, LAGO has carved out a precise identity for itself over time, becoming an innovative brand in the world of Italian design. Since 2006, under the leadership of Daniele Lago the company has become one of the most compelling revelations in recent years. Its expanded vision of design as a discipline that produces not just products but also meaning, capable of innovating the entire production chain, has won LAGO success as an innovative company that proposes new visions and new models for living and living space. More than
products, the company designs alphabets and invites the customer to use them, creating participatory design, from the bottom up, enriched by energies coming from the end user. LAGO intends design as a tool for social transformation and creates spaces that resonate with those that inhabit them. A concrete proof of this is the creation of a network of people and places, the LAGO DESIGN NETWORK, which includes places like shops and residences, offices and museums, restaurants and hotels, designed to improve the experience of the people who use them and to stimulate new relationships and business opportunities. All of these places are connected one another thanks to a powerful digital communication engine of the company which counts on one million fans on Facebook.

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Via Artigianato II, 21, 35010 Villa del Conte (PD)

T: +39 049 5994299
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