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It all starts with Georges, 10 years ago

We wanted to create a universe made from design pieces that complement each other. Objects to put together, to create unique environments, or to move to change the spaces depending on our mood.

We wanted to work alone, using local raw materials and without depending on third parties for the creation of our collections. Sublimate the raw material, make its magnificent imperfections visible and work on it with minimalist craftsmanship to create essentials and linear objects.

This is how Georges was born and so we continue, following the same common thread.

But we wanted to go further and work on more noble and valuable materials.

This is how SOMA see the light. A return to the substance of the essentials.

Each piece is designed and prototyped by Mylene Scotto and made internally by our production team.

The raw materials remain local or they are the result of the work of exceptional local craftsmen.

Each one is carefully chosen to create as little ecological impact as possible. A continuous search that has led us to create our own material database: wool of the Pyrenées, Silk from Lyon, wood of our local forests, cotton of Normandy.

Each SOMA collection will propose the interpretation of a room, in its entirety. A composition of furniture and furnishing accessories, scentes and music.


Chateau de Méritein - Route de Platanes - 64190 Méritein


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