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Since its founding in 1956, Tai Ping has specialised in hand-tufted carpets. The company is the global leader in this field, and it has played a significant role in the pioneering of innovative design, manufacturing technology and techniques in the industry. Using the very finest yarns, Tai Ping’s commitment to craft is embodied in the signature details constructed in every carpet with unsurpassed beauty. Found in the most luxurious homes, yachts, jets, exclusive hotels, boutique stores, and offices worldwide, each handmade piece is a relevant, collectible design that continues to inspire.

All Tai Ping products are bespoke, nurtured through a process that depends wholly on highly skilled and experienced artisans at entire stages of the design and production procedures. Expert carpet designers and craftsmen transform both simple and intricate designs into works of art that reflect the brand’s passion and sense of style. Any Tai Ping carpet pattern, whether based on a collection or imagined by the client, has an equal level of meticulous care and craft.

Tai Ping has a reverence for the handmade; the integrity of a craft passed from master to apprentice, and the conviction that each carpet is a unique creation that serves as an heirloom to be enjoyed for generations.

Piazza San Simpliciano

20121 Milano

+39 02 83439620
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