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Milesi products were born in 1947 in Milan, in a  region known worldwide as a district of excellence in the Wood - Furniture sector, dating back to  the late 1700s.

Between 1945 and 1960, Italy led the great furniture industry development in Europe; small artisanal realities were transformed into modern industries, while maintaining their deep attention to quality and details, that contributed to their international success. They combine technical and design skills; collaborating with renowned architects and designers, they create furnishings, accessories and objects that have marked the history of industrial design.

It is in this scenario that Milesi has its  roots. It immediately collaborates  with the various entrepreneurial realities of the wood-furniture sector to understand their needs and expectations, supporting them in their growth path: it develops innovative products to protect and enhance the wood, simplifying and making the painting process faster and more efficient, proud to contribute to the rise  of their fame in the world.

The deep and constant connection  with these excellent manufacturers, together with the relationship with architects and designers who collaborate with them, are also fundamental for Milesi's success.

In 1970, Milesi spa was incorporated into the IVM Group, created by the same ownership family, to promote the development of the business, which today is one of the largest and most important companies in Europe, and worldwide, specialized in coatings for wood and materials used in the furniture industry .

The IVM Group has maintained the same ownership since its foundation, always guaranteeing consistency in strategies, safety and reliability in its management. The stability of the management and the group of Collaborators that resulted from it has allowed the constitution of a solid organization, formed by top experts in the field of coatings for wood and for the furniture industry.




In order to offer complete solutions to the furniture industry and the world of design, Milesi has integrated its range of wood coatings over time, a market sector in which it has specialized in for over seventy years, with paints for paper, PVC and plastic materials, metals, digital printing, glass and marble.


The Products are designed to offer an answer to any application, aesthetic or performance requirement,  in accordance  to international guidelines and documented by certifications, with extreme respect for human health and the environment, by a team of over 200 Researchers and Technical Specialists.


Significant investments are devoted to research and development: the IVM Group commits  more than 8% of its sales turnover to its laboratories and research work.





Milesi products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art factory in Parona, in northern Italy, unique in the wood coatings sector in terms of size and design architecture, developed on  an area of over 15 hectares,  with distribution in over one hundred countries.


The Parona plant has been designed and built to meet the highest production standards in the world, while respecting sustainable development.


Production takes place without the release of polluting emissions into the atmosphere: all processes, from receiving of raw materials, are managed in a closed cycle; in the final packaging phase, all the captured air from the product filling and packaging  is "cleaned" by a sophisticated cryogenic plant, then released into the environment completely free of volatile organic compounds (VOC).


The supreme automation of the production processes minimizes the contact  people have with industrial devices and equipment, thus significantly reducing their exposure to possible accidents.





The IVM Group has the mission of providing all those who manufacture furnishings and construction elements with sustainable and innovative painting solutions at the service of the quality of living.


The search for cutting-edge products is combined with a deep sensitivity towards issues related to the environment, ecology and human health. This is reflected in every choice and business activity: all Collaborators are constantly committed to optimizing processes, products and services to ensure the highest levels of safety and reduction of environmental impact.





Milesi's strength lies in the ability to be able to make the requests of customers real, with completely unexpected solutions, designed on specific needs of use and technical, tactile and visual performances.


A team of researchers is dedicated to maintaining  relationships with architects, interior designers and planners: their challenge is to create innovative effects that can be of inspiration for the world of design; making the visions of customers and designers come true, transforming them into unique finishes capable of combining decorative aspects with functionality, featuring sustainable development is the main objective.


Researchers work closely with professionals to show them a constantly evolving range with a project driven approach, capable of delivering countless and often ignored options that coatings can offer. Thanks to the deep technical know-how, they listen and interpret the individual needs translating them into new formulations.


The Technical Assistants constantly collaborate with the Customers to identify the most suitable cycles for the desired performance and aesthetic results, while also understanding their application needs, to fine-tune the products in their finishing systems, and to support them in optimizing the painting processes.



the answer to a permanent sanitation

From the technological research MILESIHEALTHY.WOOD was born, the new line of sanitizing finishes that provide surfaces with absolute and lasting protection against bacteria, without resorting to use of disinfectant products.

Laboratory tests have shown that HEALTHY.WOOD sanitizing finishes allow to inhibit bacterial proliferation over 99.9%, guaranteeing the maximum level of hygiene and protection of surfaces, while maintaining their aesthetic characteristics unchanged.







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