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Londonart Wallpaper is a leading international company specialising in exclusive wall papers. The iconic Italian brand, founded by Nicola Bottegal in 2011, is considered one of the most prestigious and recognisable brands in the world of design. The extraordinary elegance of the materials used, the ultra-innovative design and perfect design flexibility are the standout elements which have defined its production from the very beginning. The transformation and innovation of the reference points, defining every change, has pushed the brand to interact with different cultural spheres, even ones seemingly far away, so that the spirit of the times can be naturally anticipated. Londonart is a driving force behind change with the versatility required to turn market requests into concrete actions. Specialised in exclusive wallpaper which is divided into multi-functional collections with an indisputable aesthetic appeal, Londonart has succeeded in making a name for itself with determination and character in the framework of Made in Italy, becoming a genuine example of excellence in the sector. The brand’s identity is an explosive combination of fashion, graphic and architectural elements; materials, fabrics, aesthetics and decoration which are combined with functionality and the need to rationalise spaces resulting in solutions with a strong impact. Contemporary needs have turned Londonart wallpaper into a product that is very much in demand, aimed at fulfilling the needs of designers, architects and interior decorators.

Showroom Londonart 
Piazza San Marco, 4
20121 Milano

Headquarter Londonart 
Via Migliadizzi, 18
36025 Noventa, VI - IT

+39 0444 760565
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