Filipe Alarcão - Rara and Memo Desk

Filipe Alarcão presents Rara and Memo Desk


The Rara benches were designed along RARA Design Residency during the Walk&Talk Arts Festival at Azzore island of S. Miguel, in 2019. The aim of the residency was to work with local artisans and endogenous materials like the abundant cryptomeria wood (Crytpomeria Japonica) and wicker, which is used mainly in basketry. The wicker is tied up around the wooden pieces reinforcing its structure thus creating a new and perfect symbiosis between the two materials.

Company – Rara Design Residency. Walk&Talk Arts Festival.

Materials –Cryptomeria Wood (cryptomeria Japonica), Wicker.


Memo Desk

Memo Desk is a small table suitable for writing or computing. It’s compact dimensions and lightness perfectly fit small spaces at home or in spots of public spaces where and when a little bit of privacy is required. Made of solid ash wood it has an upper screen made of cork suited to be used as a memo board.

The Memo Desk comes in different ash finishes and colours, combined both with cork and textile coverings.

Company – Iduna Editors

Materials – Ash Wood, Cork, Rubber