Les projets des Écoles du Grand Est

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Design français à Milan

During the Milan Design Week, the Higher Schools of Art and Design in Nancy, Metz-Épinal and Strasbourg-Mulhouse (France) will again be at Ventura Projects. The three Schools will present ESTorama 2020, featuring, in the same exhibition, the human, industrial and creative resources of the Grand Est (France) region and highlighting its know-how in the design field.


**Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin, Strasbourg**

F for… • An Art-Object major exhibition, a collaborative project with the Lalique Museum


This exhibition, presented in the Lalique Museum (Wingen-sur-Moder, France) in 2018 and the Grand Palais in Paris in 2019, brings together 14 designers from the jewelry and glass workshops in the Haute ecole des arts du Rhin. The works in the collection are precious or licentious, illustrating the themes “woman, fauna and flora”, which are recurrent in the work of Rene Lalique (1860-1945), whose desire to “create something never seen before” revolutionised the jewelry of his time.

With projects by Morgane Beyrend, Mahe Cabel, Mellie Chartres, Juliette Defrance, Emma Dupre, Augustin Jans, Yvanne Laurent, Sarane Mathis, Juliette Même, Apolline Morel-Lab, Roxane Murcia, Marine Ponzo, Manon Pourcher, Martin Schulz


**Design & Culinary Arts at the Reims School of Art and Design (ESAD)**


Almost 20 years of experience in design applied to food issues led, in 2015, to the creation of the Design & Culinary Arts Master, the only qualification of its kind in France. This course compares and contrasts the issues of production and the invention of new forms – inherent to design – with those of life and edible forms, but also conviviality and forms of socialising related to food.  

The discipline, offered as an option for undergraduate students, then as a qualification for postgraduates, explores the potential of “edible material”, either in partnership with producers (champagne and agri-food…), or as a collaborative project with chefs and researchers in the fields of food history and the growing of crops for food.


With projects by Melanie Boissie, Pernelle Roux, Laura Spencer and Nemo Thomas


**National School of Art and Design of Nancy**

The Mollis Collection, an innovative creative project • A range of all-encompassing, soothing products use in a medico-social environment and for individuals


The idea of developing a range of products known as the Mollis Collection was born during research on treatments and materials described as “soft”. The range includes "soft", supportive, soothing items to meet the needs expressed by some people, such as those who have autism spectrum disorders. 

The non-standard products designed, whose attractiveness differs from that of medical devices, do not currently exist on the market. They are a response to a specific demand from the medical and social world, but also from individuals. They have the distinctive characteristic of being sourced and manufactured locally, using natural materials such as sheep's wool, which has surprising qualities.

Ophelie Benito is supported by the Stand up - Artem incubator, an original system helping talented entrepreneurs whose career has had an Artem dimension (ARt, TEchnology, Management) and who wish to set up their businesses in creative and innovative fields. The young creators, mainly from Artem Alliance Schools (ENSAD Nancy, ICN Business School, and Mines Nancy), train in a high level academic and professional environment, enabling them to start and develop their project in favourable conditions. Resources are made available to them, providing a real bridge between the world of higher education and the economic world.


A project by Ophelie Benito, designer and graduate from the Nancy National Higher School of Art and Design (ENSAD Nancy), developed within the Stand up – Artem incubator.


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