Ljòs, sustainable lamps by Bjørne

Sinuous, sustainable and handmade: Ljòs, the new pendant lamps by BJØRNE
Leonardo Perina

 Ljós [ljɔus], which means “light” in Icelandic, is a pendant lamp made for softly lighten any space.

Designed by Leonardo Perina for BJØRNE, the lamp’s concept is inspired by the shadow play created by summer sunsets on the Italian Alps, the area where Bjørne studio is based and aims to convey a mountain-like feeling of calm and restfulness. 

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The birch used for Ljós’s production is locally sourced, and most of it comes from the many trees cut down by the Vaia flood which affected Northern Italy in 2018.

care of detail

Every BJØRNE’s product is handcrafted with passion and patience. Mixing traditional manual techniques with contemporary ones like Laser Cut and CNC router he proposes a new version of secular wood craftsmanship methods. Moreover, thanks to this he can reduce material waste to the bare minimum and make the most out of natural resources.


Available in two sizes and shapes, 60 cm or 35 cm long, Ljós is composed of 28 birch plywood laser cut sheets assembled through the joint of two gears in the middle of the supporting structure without any glue or screw. This solution allows Ljós’s lampshade to be fully reversible and gives the user the option to pick between two different lamp layouts.


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