Designers Ines Vlahović

Ines Vlahović graduated in Product Design from the School of Design in Zagreb. She has exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Croatia and abroad and has received multiple awards for her work at several international competitions. She is a member of the Croatian Designers Association.

The times when we consumed food only from our closer surroundings are long past us. Delivering hot meals and ordering food online has become more than an everyday act. Unfortunately, the packaging for product delivery quickly ends up in a pile of nondegradable waste. The challenge was to develop a fully renewable, low-cost wrapper with thermal protection, intended for the use in food delivery channels. The Seaweed Wrap is made of seaweed and paper; it has an extremely high thermal insulation coefficient, and at the same time, it is light for transportation. It is quickly adaptable to the required shapes and dimensions of packaging and protects the product from breaking.

Nation: Croatia