BJØRNE was born out of Leonardo Perina’s imagination in 2018, as an independent design and workshop studio based in Trento, Italy. Focusing on ethical wood craftsmanship, Bjørne realized hundreds of entirely handcrafted and environmentally friendly objects since then. All the materials are locally sourced, and the majority of the wood involved comes from the many trees cut down by the Vaia flood, which affected northern Italy in late 2018.

In contrast to the tendency of the modern user to be surrounded by advanced technologies and to require high-speed results, BJØRNE looks back at the slower, primary process of manual work and the use of natural components and materials, thus trying to tie old methods to new needs.

BJØRNE's formula is simple: bond old methods with new needs and you will add real value to contemporary living.


Trento (TN)

+39 346 1037659
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